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Chisinau and Tiraspol must assume their full responsibility and act in spirit of good faith and compromise. Interview with Javier Solana.

Present internal discussions in the E.U. regarding possible options to support progress in the current situation in Moldova are part of the European Union's overall determination to build a stronger cooperation with Moldova and to play a meaningful and appropriate role in the process of reaching... »»


Tudor Cazacu, Tighina, architect.

t would solve out because there is no other way it can be. Worldwide the problems are solved: in Germany it has been solved; it will be solved here too. May be this will not happen nowadays, but our children will have it done or perhaps our grandchildren will, anyway it will be solved sooner or later... »»


Information about the situation of national schools form transnistrian region of Republic of Moldova

In this area of R.M., which is under control of the administration of Tiraspol, function 32 Moldavian schools and 15 mixed schools? The Moldavian students, during ten years, are obliged to study basing on kirilic alphabet. In those schools study only 30% of Moldavian children. The others are obliged to study in Russian language... »»