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The federalization of Republic of Moldova and the solving of transnitrian despute. Author: Tudor Tabunscic.

I know the content of Agreement project between R.M. and Transnistria, elaborated by OSCE, Russian Federation and Ukraine, and the project of "Agreement concerning the ways of the completely solving of transnistrian problem" which was recently launched by president Voronin, but I am completely amazed... »»


Angela Chiperi, director assistant in a primary school.

I have already told you that the school is distributed in three buildings. There are some 1 900 children in the school, this is almost 2 000, of whom 650 are first-graders. The primary school holds its lessons here, in the kindergarten. We may compare the situation we are in, for instance, not far from us there is school 18, a Russian school. It is a typical school with a sports ground... »»


Information about the situation of national schools form transnistrian region of Republic of Moldova

In this area of R.M., which is under control of the administration of Tiraspol, function 32 Moldavian schools and 15 mixed schools? The Moldavian students, during ten years, are obliged to study basing on kirilic alphabet. In those schools study only 30% of Moldavian children. The others are obliged to study in Russian language... »»