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Federalist Performance for Credulous Audience. Author: Oazu Nantoi.

It is not clear to me why the Chisinau audience pays so much attention to an article of the "Olvia-press" Agency from October7, 2003, where some man, Zaicenko (a retired lieutenant commander of a Soviet submarine) declares that "in order for the Transnistrian people not to become a hostage of the Moldovan government in the future, they should be given... »»


Mocan Valeriu, counselor, district Corjova.

To solve the problem of Transnistria, at present, means to give autonomy to Transnistria. This is much more convenient for the time being. If speaking of the referendum then I hardly can imagine how one can perform a referendum in Transnistria when the population is oppressed, frightened, they are afraid of loosing their jobs. In such conditions even if... »»


Information about the situation of national schools form transnistrian region of Republic of Moldova

In this area of R.M., which is under control of the administration of Tiraspol, function 32 Moldavian schools and 15 mixed schools? The Moldavian students, during ten years, are obliged to study basing on kirilic alphabet. In those schools study only 30% of Moldavian children. The others are obliged to study in Russian language... »»