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Chisinau and Tiraspol must assume their full responsibility and act in spirit of good faith and compromise. Interview with Javier Solana.

Present internal discussions in the E.U. regarding possible options to support progress in the current situation in Moldova are part of the European Union's overall determination to build a stronger cooperation with Moldova and to play a meaningful and appropriate role in the process of reaching... »»


Tabarcea Dumitru, vice-president of the strike committee of the pupil from lyceum "Prometeu"

Referring to the actions in the square: speaking about them I would like to begin with the premises that have led to them and concretely it has been that democratic vote invoked by the leading party, pretending that it has been voted by the majority and that is how they obtained the power in their hands. If we compare the persons who have voted and the ones who in their majority... »»


Invitation to participate at the marathon "A stable future - for all the children of the country"

We have the honor to invite you to participate at the marathon "A stable future - for all the children of the country", which is going to happen on April 16, 2003 on radio station "Antena C" and which have the aim to collect material and financial sources necessary for national schools from transnistrian territory of the country... »»