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The influence of subjective factor on the unsolving of Transnistrian problems. Author: Tudor Tabunscic.

During the last ten years from 1992 till now, in Republic of Moldova at main functions of legislatives and executive subdivisions, who where meant to solve the complicated problems of Transnistria,were some people who, by our opinion, had one single concern - to hinder their solving... »»


Mihai Speian

You cannot be pessimist till now, because we have been living in these conditions for ten years and being pessimistic till now is somehow ridiculous. Nevertheless the conflict should be solved starting with the respect shown towards human rights. It doesn »»


Information about the situation of national schools form transnistrian region of Republic of Moldova

In this area of R.M., which is under control of the administration of Tiraspol, function 32 Moldavian schools and 15 mixed schools? The Moldavian students, during ten years, are obliged to study basing on kirilic alphabet. In those schools study only 30% of Moldavian children. The others are obliged to study in Russian language... »»